# Devkit

Useful utilities in nx plugin development.

# Executors

  • ensureProjectConfig: Ensure project has projectSourceRoot & projectRoot config fields.
  • envInfo: Report system environment informations, used by info executor.
  • readTargetOptions: Read target options by given target.

You can found more executors utils in @nrwl/devkit.

# Generators

  • installPackagesTask: Execute install task in app generator.
  • minimalNormalizeOptions minimalAddFiles minimalProjectConfiguration: These methods help you to create simple application generator which requires only serveral schema options likename tags directory.
  • createNodeAppBuildConfig createNodeAppServeConfig: Compose build /serve configuration for node project in workspace.project
  • setupProxy updateNodeAppDeps initializeNodeApp createNodeAppProject createNodeAppFiles: Utilities for creating node application.
  • createNodeInitTask createNodeJestTask createNodeLintTask: Utilities for initialzing node application.
  • normalizeNodeAppSchema: Normalize node application schema, including node specified options.
  • createPackageJSON updatePackageJson: Operating your package.json with ease.

# Workspace

  • checkProjectExist: Check does project exist in current workspace.
  • getAvailableAppsLibs: Get all avaliable apps & libs.
  • setDefaultProject: Set workspace default project if no specified default project exists.
  • updateGitIgnore updatePrettierIgnore: Update ignore file.

# Utils

  • normalizeAssets copyAssetFiles: Normalize assets configuration and do copy.
  • normalizeFileReplacements fileReplacements2Alias: Normalize file replacements, transform them into alias form.